Most of you who are new to this would probably wonder, what is e-learning?

eLearning courses maintain the same quality and outcomes as traditional on-campus classes and require the same time commitment to the coursework. It may encompass activities that are completed in the online environment such as forums, quizzes and links to lecture notes plus resources carefully selected for your reference. There will be easy uploading of files to be submitted online without submitting the hard copy - Go Green!

Is e-learning easy to comprehend?

Of course! Many have enrolled and successfully gained knowledge and fun learning. All you need is an email to correspond (which you already have), keyboarding abilities (which you are excellent at), skills in creating and saving files, downloading files plus access to the internet (we DO have wireless in USM!) and VoilĂ ! You are absolutely ready to embark on the online learning experience.

How do you begin?

Simply enter your IC number and password as in the Healthy Campus website to log into your courses