Universiti Sains Malaysia started offering academic programs related to engineering and technology in 1972 under  the School of Applied Sciences.

The school was established to offer programmes leading to Bachelor of Applied Science Degree with various specialisation including Electrical and Electronics. Both schools were established in the main campus (Penang). Starting from the 1984/85 academic session, the programmes were offered under the newly established School of Engineering Sciences and Industrial Technology (formerly the School of Applied Sciences). Two undergraduate degree programmes (with honours) were offered in the following fields:

- Electronics Engineering
- Computer and Communications Engineering.

The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering was officially established on May 2nd, 1986 in a temporary campus at Jalan Bandaraya, Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan. The campus later moved to the present site in Seri Iskandar, Tronoh in December 1989. On October 1997 the campus again moved to Penang at Transkrian, Seberang Prai Selatan. The previous land has been taken over by Universiti Teknologi Petronas. A more structured academic programme was introduced under the University Education Systems curriculum that was offered from the 1992/93 academic session until 1995/96 academic session. To keep inline with the national requirement on university education system,the programme was later revised to become the Three-Year Academic Programme beginning the 1996/97 academic session. The three-year program has been designed to ensure our graduates will still have a strong Electrical Engineering foundation but at the same time enjoy some flexibility in choosing some specialisation areas to specialise in. As such, the program still retain the core and foundation requirements as the original four-year programme. Some of the general university requirements have been reduced to make room for Electrical Engineering electives to provide opportunity for students to enhance their interest in specific specialisation areas. A degree of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (honours) is offered with five specialization areas:
Microelectronics Engineering
Computer Engineering
Communication Engineering
Power Engineering
Robotics, Automation & Control Engineering

The School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (SEEE) was one of the first engineering schools to be established i.e. in the year 1989. Prior to that, engineering programmes existed under the School of Industrial Technology and Engineering Sciences. At the onset of the programmme, there were only 30 students and the number of students has swelled up to 720 students as of the Academic Session of 2006/2007. The school has also produced 1,915 first degree holders ever since its birth up to the academic session of 2005/2006.

SEEE now offers three tertiary programmes namely:
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Electrical and Electronic
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Electrical
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Mechatronic.

From the historical point of view, the programmes first came into being during the Academic Session of the year 2000/2001, beginning with the two branches of engineering. These are the Electronic Engineering Programme conferring graduates in the Bachelor of Electronic Engineering (Honours) and the Electrical Engineering Programme conferring candidates in the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Honours). It was only from the Academic Session of 2002/2003 that the Mechatronic Engineering Programme came into existence bestowing upon its first degree graduates with the degree of Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering (Honours). All the three programmes are offered under a span of a four year period or eight semesters of study.