This course focuses on Inter-Connected Network based on TCP/IP model and how the Internet is connected. This course includes detail study on network equipment, their functions, and how to configure them for communication over Layer-2 and Layer-3 of TCP/IP model. Study on Internet addressing with respect to IPv4 and IPv6, routing and communication protocols at Layer-3 and above. This course also includes wide area connection types with case study on network design, communication protocols and routing protocols.

Please take note that this course would also introduce the usage of a tool called OMNeT++. It is a discrete event simulator and would be very useful to help you understand this course (and other aspects of networking) better. Hence, please install OMNeT++ in your notebook or laptop and make sure to bring it for each of our lecture sessions.

This course introduces the design and operation of network technologies. This course includes fundamental design and operation of the Internet with respect to the current functional architecture specifically Transport Communication Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and the mechanisms necessary for basic communication over the Internet.