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e-Portfolio is a fully featured electronic portfolio system where you can:

  • create journals
  • upload files
  • embed social media resources from the web and
  • collaborate with other users in groups


e-Porfolio is designed to support teaching and learning, acts as tool to reflect and serves as record/references.


How to use : 
1) Log in to Eportfolio@USM through new Eportfolio@USM.
2) Click at Identity@USM

 Thank you for using ePortfolio@USM.

For any enquiry/feedback on ePortfolio@USM, please email to elearn@usm.my 





Develop your portfolio

Create your electronic portfolio in a flexible personal learning environment



Control your privacy

Share your achievements and development in a space you control



Find people and join groups

Engage with other people in discussion forums and collaborate with them in groups