EPP 351 - Advanced Manufacturing Process, SEMESTER 1, 2023/2024
Class hour: Tuesday (11-1pm) & Friday (10-11am). All class sessions will be conducted face to face unless mentioned otherwise as need arises.
Lecturer: Associate Professor Dr. Jamaluddin bin Abdullah and Dr. Sareh Aiman Hilmi bin Abu Seman

Synopsis: In this course, you will learn about various materials such as polymer, ceramics, glass, composite, metal and nano-materials, and their processing in modern manufacturing. The relation between materials and the choice of processing method, environmental and sustainability issues in manufacturing will also be elaborated. The courses also introduces material for semi-conductor industries and the semi-conductor manufacturing process. To complement classroom learning, industrial visit is planned.

Course outcomes:

Ability to identify and apply the processing techniques for polymeric, ceramics and glass materials in engineering applications (PO2 – Problem Analysis)
Ability to describe, identify and apply sustainable manufacturing in processing of polymer, composite, glass and metallic materials (PO7 – Environment and Sustainability)
Ability to describe, identify and differentiate surface properties and defects, and applying various surface treatment methods in engineering problems (PO3 – Design/Solution)
Ability to describe, identify and differentiate various semiconductor manufacturing processes and materials used (PO4 – Investigation)
Ability to describe and analyze MEMS processing methods, requirements and applications (PO5 –Modern Tool Usage)

Assessment: 40% Coursework + 60% Final Examination
Skill Level: Beginner