BOI106 General Microbiology is a three-unit course consisting of lectures (two lectures per week) and laboratory practical (One three-hour practical every other week). This is a general microbiology course for all students. The course is intended to provide basic knowledge in microbiology and students will gain both background and experimental experience in the broad field of microbes, setting the foundation needed for more advanced and specialized courses. Topics that would be covered include the historical development of microbiology field, basic cell biology, structures and functions of cell components, prokaryote microbes, eukaryote microbes, viruses, microbial taxonomy, basic techniques in microbiology (media, microbe cultures, growth) and various microbe applications. The laboratory component would expose the students to basic microscopy, slide preparation and observation, aseptic techniques, pure culture techniques, bacterial population counts and bacterial growth curve.

The course will be conducted by Dr. Kamarul Zaman Zarkasi, Dr. Nur Asshifa Md Noh and Dr. Masratul Hawa Mohd
Skill Level: Beginner