This course covers the origin of various types of pollutions that are found in the aquatic, terrestrial and atmospheric environment. Noise pollution, solid wastes, radioactive wastes and toxic and hazardous residues and their effects on the biota and men will be examined. The course will conclude with a discussion on the principles and implementation of pollution control and environmental monitoring. The main objective of this course is to expose students on various issues pertaining to environmental pollution. Although global issues will be discussed, emphasis will be on local problems. Discussions will involve types of pollutants that are received by the aquatic and terrestrial environment as well as air and noise pollution. Sources of various kinds of pollutants such as industrial discharges, municipal wastes, radioactive and other hazardous wastes and their impacts on human health and environment integrity will also be discussed. The course will end with a look at the existing legislation as well as principle of control strategies and environmental monitoring and to assess their effectiveness in protecting the environment.
Skill Level: Beginner